Botanics crochet project update

We're now half way through the crochet project which started all the way back in chilly January. There are two parts to the project; the lichen mat, which is open to the whole of Cam City, and the trailing plants. The first two sessions were spent learning the patterns to create free-form lichen pieces which became the focus of the Cam City March meeting. The lichen pieces will be combined to create the mat for display among the rocks and arid plants.

The second part of the project has seen the group working hard to create trailing plants in small groups. This has involved studying the plants in the arid house and devising patterns to create them. It has been really interesting to see how the real plants have changed in the past few months.
Here's a sneaky peak of how the project is going so far.
There is still lots of work to do and the next few months should see the plants developing well. 

Join us for an evening crochet session!! Thank you for your contributions so far to the lichen mat. We need lots more so why not join us for lichen session in the Hopbine pub on 29 May 6-8pm. Collette and other members of the project will be on hand to give a refresher of the lichen pattern (if needed) or just come along for some social crochet anda chat. Yarn will be provided so just bring a hook.

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